Building a Counter Strike Source Server

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to set up a CS: S server. The idea is to create a dedicated server where the guys can play with their friends … It’s not a professional server, but it is definitely enough to have fun or practice your clan.

First, in STEAM you need to download and install the source dedicated server:

Run Source Dedicated to create the necessary folders to be used in the MANI ADMIN PLUGIN configuration.

We will be using version 1.2 –Beta 0 (Windows), download it by clicking here.

After downloading, unpack it to the following folder: C: Program Files Valve Steam SteamApps Your Steam source server cstrike.

Now create a .VDF file (Mani Admin does not work without this file), to do this go to the folder: C: Program Files Valve Steam SteamApps Sua Steam source dedicated server cstrike addons

You will find the CSS image file


Click on the picture in the game options tab (Game type), because we are creating a Counter Strike Source server, select the Cstrike option and then the Save VDF option


Thanks to this Mani Admin is installed.

To be able to access the Mani administrator on the server, you need to set your steamID as ADMIN.

In C: Program Files Valve Steam SteamApps Your Steam source server cstrike cfg mani_admin_plugin

Create a file called adminlist.txt, open the file and enter your SteamID – If you do not know your SteamID, enter any server (On-Line), activate the console with the (‘) key, enter the status which will show the list of players on the server and their Steam ID in in the following format: STEAM_0: 0: 00000000


Steam ID format I created as an example, OK ?? !!


To add other administrators, put your Steam ID in the same file as much as necessary.

Save and close the file.

Now let’s get to the good part !!!!

Start the source dedicated server:


Enter the server name, password (only for completion, it will not be used as a password to enter the server) and go to the start button


It will show some server options (I will not go into details about the options at the moment), note that it shows the IP address created for your server, write it down.

Enter Counter Strike Source, go to “Find Server”, then “Add Server” Favorites, enter your IP address, then find the game in that address and Add, which will bring up the server in your favorites list.


Enter the server, download the console (‘), type bind alt admin.


Now just go back to the game and use the Alt key to open the admin commands option.


Well this is the basic tutorial of creating a dedicated server, keeping in mind that internet speed depends on the number of players that will enter the server, the good thing for 10 players is that it is a 1000 Kbps download combination for 512 Kbps upload.

The more players there are, the more it will require a connection as well as the machine on which the server was created.

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